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Every day, we are dedicated to creating the market’s best app solutions. Unique among agencies, we conduct all our work in-house, encompassing development, design, QA, UX, and marketing

High-quality, durable apps for iOS and Android

With our strong technical expertise, profound business acumen, and deep insights into users who benefit from technology, we understand the significant value an app can add for both businesses and individual users. Since 2011, we have designed and developed a wide array of successful apps for iOS and Android across nearly all industries.

Our team of experienced in-house app developers is passionate about delivering user-friendly, attractive, and scalable app solutions – consistently.

Explore our cases – or call us on +45 70 70 17 47 for a candid and no-obligation discussion about how we can assist your business with app development.

What does an app cost? Typically, even the most basic apps have a starting budget of +20,000 EUR, excluding VAT. However, numerous factors can affect the price.


Our apps have been downloaded more than a million times.

Scaleable apps for iPhone & Android

With more than 100 apps to our credit, we at Makeable are adept at designing and developing sophisticated, user-friendly, and scalable apps for both iPhone and Android. Our apps have accumulated over 1,000,000 downloads, and we are experienced in scaling for a high number of simultaneous users, as well as managing large data volumes, such as for photo and video uploads/streaming.

Apps and Hardware Integration

We are among Denmark’s leaders in app development and integration between apps and hardware, including IoT solutions. Our developments include apps for NFC scanning, integrating with speakers, synchronizing with hotel equipment, and much more. Our hardware understanding is extensive, and we frequently advise on the selection of hardware components.”

Streamline Your Business with App Development

A custom-developed application can provide your employees with an exceptionally efficient tool that’s always within reach.

For instance, an application can streamline a specific workflow that requires recurring manual labor. This could be used for collecting data within the company or managing various types of documents, data, or records.

We have experience in app development for a diverse range of clients across industries, with a primary goal of streamlining internal business processes. This can simplify daily operations while also reducing costs.

The opportunities are numerous, and the potential for streamlining can be immense.

Hardware Integration

With over 15 years of experience in working with hardware, we closely follow developments in this field with great interest.

If you have a project that involves hardware, feel free to contact us. We have completed several projects within Industry 4.0.

We offer impartial consulting on hardware integration in apps and are happy to share our experiences with this and other technologies in the field, such as IoT, IFTTT, Sigfox, etc. Read more on our technology page.

Native Apps for iPhone or Android

Your target audience is likely divided into two groups: those who use the iOS operating system (on iPhones/iPads) and those who use Android.

When developing native apps, we need to program in two different languages to support both platforms.

With a native app for iPhone, you can combine the phone’s built-in functionality (GPS, camera, and accelerometer) with custom-developed features.

Along with the right idea, app development holds enormous potential that a modern business cannot and should not overlook, whether the application is used internally or externally to drive sales.

Gain Full Control Over Your App

When we build applications, they usually come with an administration system (a backend). This allows you to easily manage the app, which pulls data from the administration system.

It would be a resource-intensive part of app development to submit new applications to Apple or Google due to minor content edits. Instead, it’s smarter to let the application retrieve data and logic from the administration system, so updates can be immediate.

Skilled app developers always consider the placement of logic: whether it should be part of the app itself or external to it. This is crucial for the agility and scope of ongoing operations and development.

Niels Thysk Sørensen

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