Backend Development

Our talented development team includes specialized front- and backend developers. We understand the intricacies involved in developing effective backend solutions.

Backend Development
Backend Development

Certifications and Extensive Experience

We’ve always been deeply involved in developing, maintaining, and optimizing both small and large, often complex, custom backend systems. Our aim is always to create systems that add maximum value, whether it’s through streamlining, automation, or other innovative methods.

We often describe a backend as the “brain” of the system. It’s the part that other platforms (like an app or a frontend) interact with and communicate with. Therefore, the role of a backend developer is crucial, and experience in this field is invaluable.

Since Makeable’s inception in 2011, we’ve developed backends for a diverse range of clients, from Kamstrup to Danish Crown, currently managing about 60-80 custom-developed backends.

Backend Development Technologies We Utilize

In our daily backend programming tasks, we work with modern development technologies like PHP, Laravel, Google Firebase, Azure, and Node.js, among others. As the tech world is constantly evolving, we continually update our skills through courses and conferences to stay current with the latest certifications and knowledge.

Backend Development

A popular open-source server-side programming language, PHP is especially well-suited for backend web development. Major systems like Wikipedia, Facebook, and Slack are all PHP-based. Our CTO, Lars, has been developing in PHP since 1999!

Backend Development

As an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment, Node.js runs JavaScript code outside of a web browser, which is often used to build backend services such as APIs.

We develop in Node.js every day and have a good handful of experts on the team.

Microsoft Azure
Backend Development

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, offering a range of cloud services, including those for computing, analytics, storage, and networking.

We integrate up against Azure in a wide range of our larger solutions – including for Danish Crown, the Jutland Conservatory of Music, and FOA.

Backend Development in App Projects

Backend development is often a fundamental part of our app development process. Most of the apps we develop use a custom-developed backend responsible for a significant portion of the app’s logic.

For instance, if an app requires complex calculations related to distance, or needs to send and display messages, it’s the backend that handles this logic while the app itself simply sends and receives data. This not only saves time in the project but also ensures consistency and reliability in the platform.

Examples of Our Backend Programming

At Makeable, we have a wide range of experience in backend programming. We’ve optimized and maintained existing systems and have also served as a comprehensive service provider.

Our solutions have been implemented for clients such as Aarhus Municipality, Kamstrup, State of Green, Useeum, Region Syd, Chromaviso, and many others.